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Who we are

Equitron is a high-tech service provider for residential, commercial and condominium electronic security. Founded in the Federal District in 1993, initially in the electronic security equipment distribution segment, from which the name ”EQUITRON” two years later  started working in the installation and maintenance area, with highly qualified technical experience. Our differential in Florianópolis lies in the speed of service and the  quality of our services.

We are a consolidated company in the market there are_CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-136BAD5CF58D_25 years, follow_CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3b-136BAD5CF58D_PADRIES INSTALLATION AND EQUIPMENT_CCDE-5CDE-5194-BB36BAD5 CF58D_ HIGH QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY.



We work with the best brands in the market, such as: Intelbras, Unisystem, Garen, PPA, JFL. We service all brands and models of electronic gates.


The in-depth knowledge of safety equipment   allows us to work efficiently from design to installation and maintenance of equipment.

MISSION: To offer electronic security solutions to the market


VISION: To be the reference company in security solutions and maintenance of electronic gates in Florianópolis and region.


VALUES: Honesty, ethics, respect, commitment, reliability and continuous improvement.



Contact: (48) 3364-8089 / 99845-1919 -

Be Forewarned, Be Equitron!
Segurança Eletrônica em Florianópolis SC
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